Reformed Temple of New Velothis: Oklahoma City Chapter

The Reformed Temple of New Velothis is the foremost organization promoting the structured study and practice of the Triune Way. What is the Triune Way, you ask? The simplest way to answer that, is that it is a modern religious and mystical tradition that has roots in pop culture, specifically the Tribunal Temple of Morrowind, in addition to acknowledging as its influences such disparate traditions as Thelema, Islamic mysticism, and Hinduism. On the Political Compass of Lightheartedness/Seriousness and Irony/Sincerity, we are strongly rooted in Lighthearted Sincerity, a phrase which here means "we mean everything we're doing, but we have a sense of humor about it." The Reformed Temple of New Velothis prides itself on being a place of warmth, intelligent discussion, and authenticity in an increasingly artificial and appearance-focused world.