Contributing to GetTogether.Comunity

We're glad to see that you're interested in contributing to GetTogether.Community! There are many ways you can do that, depending on your ability.

Spreading the word

The easiest way you can help make GetTogether.Community better is by using it and telling people about it. Like any social platform, the more users we have, the more all of our users will benefit. So start a team, host an event, share the links on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and help new users get started!

Contribute Code

GetTogether.Community is powered by the Open Source GetTogether project. You can help us make it better by contributing bug fixes, new feautres, and other code.

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Contribute to hosting

Using GetTogether.Community is free to use, but hosting it costs money. By contributing to our Patreon you can help keep GetTogether.Community free as in speech and beer.

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