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GTALUG, formerly called TLUG, helps unite Toronto area Linux users. Since the early 1990s, GTALUG has provided a common forum to exchange information pertaining to Linux and other open source software and operating platforms. Members meet regularly at our F2F (in person) meeting locations, participate in our email discussion list, and use the resource facilities of this website. Through participation in the GTALUG forums, and the use of the GTALUG resources, we combine our efforts to both teach and disseminate information, allowing us to better understand and control the open source world we are using, building and promoting to others.

Most meetings are followed by an informal get together, usually at a restaurant, and provide a free form forum, where you will have a chance to talk with other members on a 1-on-1 or small group basis. These get togethers are where the benefits of participation become particularly obvious, including opportunities to directly exchange ideas with other users, to discuss and help solve problems, or even get involved in discussions of open source philosophy or history. Access to other Linux users is often the most valuable part of participation in a user group. The long term members of the group, many of which have 30 or more years experience using Linux and other Unix-like operating systems (BSD, Solaris etc.), can provide insight and ideas that only a seasoned professional would have.

GTALUG welcomes anyone who has an interest in Linux. GTALUG will be a benefit to any Linux enthusiast, from newcomers, filled with questions, to seasoned programmers and system developers, and anyone in between. Have a look at the site and find something that tweaks your curiosity. Then come on out to a meeting and see what we can do for each other.

Have a good day, and happy open-sourcing.