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Fort Wayne Linux Users Group

The Fort Wayne Linux Users Group aims to provide a community for Linux users and geeks alike. We have a very diverse group, spanning Linux users in the professional space, hobbyists, Linux advocates, and new Linux users. We meet once a month at Mad Anthony's Brewing Company at Broadway and Taylor to hang out over food and drinks. We also have bimensal meetings where are presenter (or multiple presenters) present long or short-form talks on a particular Linux or free software topic.

We're always looking for new members, so whether you're as crazy about Linux as we are, or just wanting to learn more about Linux, come check us out! You can find contact and event information on our home page:

We welcome recruiting and discussion in our forums, but we do not endorse any particular viewpoint or make any guarantees of accuracy on the part of our members. We welcome group sponsorship opportunites.

The Fort Wayne Linux Users Group expects everyone to conduct themselves professionally and respectfully. If you need assistance relating to conduct of another person at one of our events, please contact us: