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Barcelona Decentralized Organizations



Why this group

To raise awareness about alternative type of organizational structures, methodologies & tools. With a specific focus on educating about Decentralized Autonomous Organizations: a fancy name to mean "an team using an organizational tool that is running on-chain" (i.e. a co-budgeting tool running on Ethereum).

For Who

For anyone interested in the decentralized organization movement should join. Whether you're part of a coop, an artist collective, an activist, a programmer, a team member of a flat-hierarchy team, or just a curious mind.


We will learn and debate about alternative types of organizational structures, lessons learnt by real-life experiences in DAOs & how all this can fit together to allow us to function better as a society.


In our events, we'll have round tables, talks, fish bowls, workshops and more.


The meetups are free


#Blockchain #Decentralization #Governance #OpenSource

Upcoming Events

No planned events