Attend Microsoft Powerapps Training in New York

KBS training is one of the leading institutes in offering the best PowerApps Training . You can explore all the essentials of PowerApps that are necessary for a good foundation in preparing you to take on all the challenging PowerApps problems. Whether you are looking to refresh your knowledge or you are just a beginner, the PowerApps training course at the KBS training institute helps you explore hands-on activities.

Skills you will learn: • Discovering all the essential tools in building no-code applications. • Learning how to share and create apps by using Excel, Salesforce, SharePoint, and Dynamics. • Deploying an effective functioning mobile app using data from several sources. • Creating your own budget tracker applications through Microsoft PowerApp.

About Us KBS Training Institute offering vast IT learning courses via class room training, corporate training and online training platform. Expanding its operations across USA, UK, Europe and Asia, KBS Training has acquired huge market in India for IT learning. Students, job seekers and IT professionals come from various backgrounds are always in search of short-term IT programs to get knowledge and expand their skill-set.

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Oct. 4, 2021, 10 a.m.