An Introduction to GNU Screen - or How to Make the Command Line Work for You When the Network is Working Against You.: Bob Murphy

Speaker:Phoenix Linux Users Group, 3rd party
Category:Computers & Technology

GNU Screen is part of the GNU project, and is an overlooked utility that can make working on the command line much easier. Screen is a terminal multiplexer that allows for disconnecting remote sessions, multiple ways to enhance viewing of your command line sessions, and better ways to capture data from those sessions. Bob will show you how to more effectively use Screen, as well as how to install it under several GNU/Linux distributions. The talk is targeted at beginner or intermediate UNIX users. Those attending are encouraged to bring a laptop with GNU/Linux or another UNIX to install Screen and work along during presentation. It will be interactive, with questions encouraged.

Bio: Bob Murphy is a long-time desktop Linux user, and a current Linux sysadmin, EFF and Software Freedom Conservancy supporter.

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East Valley Meeting
May 13, 2021, 7 p.m.