Online Privacy, Security and Password Management

Speaker:LuftHans, LH
Category:Computers & Technology

Protect your personal privacy as well as cloud and web accounts by using unique credentials for every service.

A password manager, such as KeePassXC or Bitwarden, enables use of different credentials everywhere. It simplifies using long, strong, random strings for unique credentials. Use a password manager for unique credentials (username, password, security questions and answers, birth date, shoe size, etc.) to build account separation for every site.

Prevent use of stolen credentials to compromise other accounts.

Attendees will learn about:

  • using unique credentials to build account separation for every service
  • important password manager features
  • multi-factor authentication
  • subaddressing for unique email addresses
  • command line tools for random strings and dates
  • hints for speaking random strings
  • using a password manager for secure data escrow

My "Online Privacy and Security Using a Password Manager" article in Linux Journal is based on this presentation.

Events (1)

Penguicon Virtual 2021
Chemnitzer Linux-Tage
April 22, 2021, 7 p.m.