Opening the IoT Edge

Speaker:Michael Hall, Community Manager
Category:Computers & Technology

As the IoT space continues to grow, edge computing is becoming more and more important as a way of handling all of the data our devices are generating. Fortunately, the wide availability of open hardware and software makes it easy for developers to get started in this space.

In this talk I will cover the basic concepts of edge computing, then demonstrate how to use devices like the Raspberry Pi and Arduino, coupled with open source software, to build an IoT Edge processing stack that you can use as a prototype or for your own hobby projects at home. I will cover the software needs for these devices, common communication protocols used by IoT devices, and cloud-based options for data processing and intelligent analysis.

Attendees will leave this talk with all the information they need to start their own IoT Edge projects at home. I will provide a link to a website containing all of the information, custom configurations and code, and links to software used in the presentation so that attendees can reproduce the functionality that is covered.

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