How to recognize a fraudulent casino

Speaker:benny, Online casino

Signs of an unscrupulous operator are not visible to all players. Beginners are more likely to encounter problems, but it can be difficult for experienced users to determine a reliable site. Here are the signs that indicate a possible fraud on the part of the site:

No licensed online casino. Operators operating illegally run the risk of having their account blocked, delayed payouts, and interfering with slot parameters. Unclear requirements and rules. If the user agreement is confusing, this is a reason to be wary. Slow support. Before registering, you can ask support questions and evaluate the content and speed of the answers received. Few payment systems. Reliable operators offer a choice of 10 or more deposit and withdrawal services. If there are fewer systems, this indicates the insecurity of the site. Casinos that meet one or more of these criteria are best not to register.

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