Vacuum cleaner vs. Carpet washer

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Cleaning rugs has never been so easy. We know you're wondering whether to choose The Best Vacuum Cleaners  or carpet washers. We will show you a comparison between these two types of carpet cleaning machines. Surely you will find something for this upcoming shopping day.

1. Main function

The first difference between a vacuum cleaner and a carpet washer is their main function. A vacuum cleaner cleans the surface of your carpet. For greater certainty, a vacuum cleaner applies suction power to vacuum dirt on your carpets, including hair, and dust.

On the other hand, the primary function of a carpet washer focuses only on cleaning the carpet with water and cleaning solution. It spits hot steam or detergent on a rug surface, and then a brush roll will scrub the rug for a while. Finally, a suction nozzle will suck up the detergent after the brush has finished its work.

In short, a good vacuum cleaner is capable of cleaning on a variety of surfaces such as hardwood floors and carpets. While a carpet washer is only used for the sole purpose of deep cleaning carpets.

2. Design

On the market, there are many types of canister vacuums and carpet washers, they all have different designs to satisfy customers. But it seems that vacuum cleaners usually have a more delicate appearance than carpet washing machines.

However, a carpet washer has a bulky design than a vacuum cleaner because of its power. A carpet washer will clean the most stubborn dirt hidden inside your carpet while only a few vacuum cleaners can do it.

Vacuum cleaners are more compact in design, and they also come with additional tools. You may approach hard-to-reach surfaces such as stairs or ceilings easily by attaching these tools to your vacuum cleaner.

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3. Ease of use

Obviously, using a canister vacuum is more relaxed than a carpet washing machine because it's lighter and more compact, especially cordless vacuum cleaner. All you need to do is plug the right nozzle into the vacuum and start the cleaning job.

When a carpet cleaner takes you more steps to repair, some of them need to add water and detergent before cleaning rugs. Moreover, storage is also easier with a vacuum cleaner, while a carpet washer requires a larger space.

4. Surface cleaning and deep cleaning

Carpet cleaners can remove carpet stains by steam, and cleaning solution. In contrast, vacuum cleaners are only capable of vacuuming surface dirt.

If you are looking for a tool that can quickly clean your carpet surfaces, a vacuum cleaner is sage choice. A vacuum cleaner is a useful option if you need to clean your house in a snap.

What about deep cleaning? The champion definitely belongs to carpet washers. The cleaning solution and steam will remove stains in the deepest positions of the carpet. Cleaning solution here could be shampoo, washing liquid, or other carpet cleaners.

5. Frequency of cleaning

Generally, you should vacuum twice a week, and more if your home has children or pets. If carpets are an indispensable item for your family in daily life, you should clean them more often.

Do you know what the most effective way to clean a rug is? It is a combination of a vacuum cleaner and a carpet washer together. While a vacuum cleaner has the advantage of eliminating dirt on the surface, a carpet washer is a great tool to make your carpet look brand new.

First, you use a canister vacuum to remove dirt, food scraps, and hair. Then it is the carpet washing machine's turn to clean each strand of carpet.

On the whole

So that we compared vacuum cleaner and carpet washer, both of them all have pros and cons. Owning both types of carpet cleaning may be unnecessary for you. Still, there's no denying the effectiveness of cleaning when combining Top best vacuum cleaners  and carpet washers.

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