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October meeting

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AGM, Lightning talks, Round Table

This is GTALUG's version of an un-conference, a loosely structured short talks emphasizing the informal exchange of information and ideas between participants, rather than following a conventionally structured GTALUG meetings. If you already have a topic in mind please send an email to to be added to the list of scheduled talks. A Round Table Q&A Session is where we take questions from the audience, and the audience discusses and attempts to answer those questions from their own knowledge. It's a great way to meet fellow members of our community and discover the skill sets we each bring to the table. There will be a bit of organizational business, as October is when we normally hold the Annual General Meeting of GTALUG, which will involve: - A brief financial report for the year - Introduction to the 2020 Board Elections As usual, we'll be meeting on Jitsi:

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  • 7:30 pm - Meeting and presentation.

Code of Conduct

We want a productive happy community that can welcome new ideas, improve every process every year, and foster collaboration between individuals with differing needs, interests and skills.

We gain strength from diversity, and actively seek participation from those who enhance it. This code of conduct exists to ensure that diverse groups collaborate to mutual advantage and enjoyment. We will challenge prejudice that could jeopardise the participation of any person in the community.

The Code of Conduct governs how we behave in public or in private whenever the Linux community will be judged by our actions. We expect it to be honoured by everyone who represents the community officially or informally, claims affiliation or participates directly. It applies to activities online or offline.

We invite anybody to participate. Our community is open.

Please read more about the GTALUG Code of Conduct here:

Oct. 13, 2020, 7:30 p.m. - Oct. 13, 2020, 9 p.m.
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