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For network security and data privacy, a Wavlink AC1200 repeater installation must be done carefully. The steps to perform a safe wavlink AC1200 Setup are as follows:

To maximize coverage while ensuring security, position the Wavlink AC1200 repeater in a strategic location, away from obstructions and interference sources. Before starting the setup procedure, make sure your computer or mobile device is connected to a secure network. Avoid utilizing unsecured or public networks to prevent potential security risks.

Open a web browser and enter the default IP address for the Wavlink AC1200 repeater, such as "," or the precise address listed in the user handbook. You will then be sent to the Wavlink AC1200 setup interface. Once you've visited the setup screen, change the default login username and password to something distinctive and secure. This prevents unauthorized access to the repeater's settings. Open the setup interface's wireless settings section and turn on WPA2 or WPA3 encryption for your repeater's network. Make sure the password you choose is strong and unique to protect the network from unauthorized access.

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