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April Talk: Hendrik Sollich "Rust for C++ Developers"

Hosted by C++ Usergroup Dresden

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Hello Fellow C++ Developers,

In April we will do an online only meetup to keep the physical distance.

Hendrik will give us an introduction to Rust for C++ developers.

Teaser (Deutsch)

Einer der Gründe für C++s Erfolg ist, dass es lange Zeit die einzige Wahl für Hochperformante Software war. Doch das Feld hat Zuwachs bekommen, mittlerweile kann man hochperformante Software auch in Rust schreiben. Doch was ist Rust für eine Sprache? Wie unterscheidet sie sich von C++ und wo liegen Gemeinsamkeiten. Was macht Rust besonders?

Teaser (English)

For a long time C++ was the only choice for high performance software, that was part of the reason for its success. But there are newcomers. Today you can develop high performance software as well in Rust. What what kind of a language is that? Is it that different from C++? What are the commonalities?

This time you will have to use your own food and drinks, sorry!

But you will be able to ask questions in the chat.

The meeting URL will be on the blog, meetup and Twitter

April 7, 2020, 7 p.m. - April 7, 2020, 10 p.m.


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