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Welcome to Soothing Relax, a sanctuary where music and nature's whispers coalesce into a symphony for the soul. Our channel is a home for those who seek refuge in the caress of mountain breezes and the lullaby of flowing streams. Each note is a gentle touch, each melody a close friend, guiding you through verdant forests and alongside the soft gurgle of creeks.

In this haven, the majesty of the mountains is your backdrop, the serene expanse of the ocean your canvas. Our music is a tender embrace, capturing the essence of waterfalls and the hushed rustle of leaves. It's not just sound; it's a heartfelt connection with the tranquil side of the world.

As you traverse through our soundscapes, allow the harmonies to transport you to a place where the world is gentle and every moment is a breath of fresh air. Soothing Relax is your personal retreat into the arms of nature, where every piece is a step closer to inner peace. Come, let the natural rhythm of the earth rejuvenate your spirit.


Address: 460 N Country Clb Dr, Colby, KS, United States, Kansas

Phone: +1 785-462-7568


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Nov. 30, 2023, midnight - Nov. 30, 2023, midnight
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