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Bitcoin Meetup May

Hosted by Arnhem Bitcoin City

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Our meetups are open to everyone who's interested in Bitcoin. Beginners, experts, sceptics and enthusiasts, aged 17 to 71!

Arnhem has over 100 merchants in the city centre that accept Bitcoin as payment, on-chain as well as over Lightning Network. We host a meetup every month that is open and free for everyone to join. Meetups are social and informal, we share some news or discuss some topics, have a drink a laugh and a chat.

We have published all our event dates from 2020 but not all details are clear yet. So please check back later to find out about the location. We will pick one of the Bitcoin merchants in the city centre of Arnhem, a different one each month!

Meanwhile; you can become a member of our Telegram group!

Or, find us on Twitter: @bitcoinstad

May 1, 2020, 7 p.m. - May 1, 2020, 11 p.m.


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