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Aug 2023 Meeting: Web Deployment with MRSK

Hosted by Upstate Carolina Linux User's Group (UCLUG)

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Our August meeting will be presented by Eric Anderson:

MRSK - Modern Web App Deployment to Anywhere

There are a myriad of ways to deploy web apps. PAAS providers like Heroku, and Render have largely abstracted you from hosting complexity. Providers like AWS, GCP and Digital Ocean have added their own special sauce to reduce the complexity of running your own Kubernetes cluster. But while all of these can get your application to production they are also designed to lock you into their cloud solution limiting your options.

MRSK is a new open-source tool created in early 2023 from the makers of Ruby on Rails to both reduce the complexity of web app deployment while at the same time leaving you open to use whatever hosting works for you (any cloud, multiple clouds, bare metal). This presentation will provide an overview of MRSK as well as demos to show it in action so you can decide if it might be a tool you want to use.

This talk is in collaboration with Upstate Ruby.

--> Food will be provided by Simply Binary, so please let us know you are coming by clicking "Attend" above or contact the organizers.

ColaLUG, the Columbia SC Linux User's Group, will be joining us on Jitsi, live-streamed to YouTube:

NOTE!!! Our new location is OpenWorks. Enter from 3rd floor of Richardson St. Parking Deck. Thank you, Eric for hosting this month!

Aug. 8, 2023, 6:30 p.m. - Aug. 8, 2023, 8 p.m.


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