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There are electronic cigarettes that do not contain tar and nicotine, and of course do not produce secondhand smoke. Many people have heard that such e-cigarettes are less harmful than electronic cigarettes and cigarettes classified as heated cigarettes such as IQOS. However, without a clear understanding of the differences between heated cigarettes and other vape brands, such as e-cigarettes, it would be difficult to make a decision to actually use them. In this article, we will compare the tar/nicotine-free "COOL BLACK" e-cigarette, electronic cigarettes classified as heated cigarettes, and paper cigarettes to see what the differences are.

Basic knowledge of e-cigarettes

First, it is necessary to learn what e-cigarettes are and what types of e-cigarettes are available. Here we will explain the basics of e-cigarettes.

What is an electronic cigarette?

To begin with, an e-cigarette is a product that is enjoyed by inhaling smoke generated by electricity without the use of fire. In other words, it is a general term for a device in which scented liquid or dried tobacco leaves are heated by an electric heating wire and the misty component generated is inhaled.

The use of an electronic circuit to control the heating wire is the origin of the name "electronic cigarette.

Differences from Paper Cigarettes

Next, let us keep in mind the differences between the paper cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, which have been commonly smoked.

In the case of cigarettes, dried tobacco leaves are lit and burned to generate smoke that contains nicotine and tar, which is then inhaled. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, are heated by electric power without using fire, and the vapor generated is inhaled. The vapor generated by e-cigarettes contains almost no chemicals that can cause illness. In addition, the risk of passive smoking is also high for paper cigarettes because secondhand smoke is generated when smoking. Electronic cigarettes, however, do not generate secondhand smoke because they are inhaled as water vapor, and the risk of passive smoking can be reduced.

Types of E-cigarettes

E-cigarettes can be classified into two main types: heated cigarettes, represented by products such as IQOS and glo, and liquid e-cigarettes called disposable VAPE.

Let's take a look at the characteristics of each while comparing the differences between the two.

Heated cigarettes

Heated cigarettes are devices that use electricity to heat special capsules or sticks made of dried tobacco leaves and inhale the nicotine-containing vapor generated.

In the case of paper cigarettes, nicotine is generated by burning tobacco leaves at a high temperature of about 800 degrees Celsius, which also tends to generate tar at the same time. On the other hand, while there are differences depending on the device used, electronic cigarettes are heated at temperatures ranging from 30 to 300 degrees Celsius, so tar and other harmful substances are less likely to be generated. Another advantage is that the smoke does not contain the unpleasant taste that occurs when paper is burned, so the flavor of the tobacco leaf itself can be felt more clearly. There are three main types available in Japan: IQOS by Philip Morris, PloomTECH by JT (Japan Tobacco), and glo by BAT (British American Tobacco).

Liquid E-cigarettes

Unlike the heated cigarettes, liquid e-cigarettes are devices that heat a special liquid, or liquid vapor, rather than tobacco leaves, and inhale the vapor generated.

The liquid in liquid e-cigarettes consists mainly of propylene glycol, food additives such as vegetable glycerin, and flavorings. As a result, they do not produce nicotine and tar, which are contained in the smoke of cigarettes and heated cigarettes, and have very little effect on the body.

As described above, the difference between these two types of electronic cigarettes is that the smoke from heated cigarettes contains nicotine, while liquid electronic cigarettes do not contain tar and nicotine.

Advantages of liquid e-cigarettes

Liquid e-cigarettes are different from cigarettes that are either rolled or heated, because they are nicotine-free vapor cigarettes. Let's take a closer look at the unique benefits of liquid e-cigarettes.

Less health risk than heated cigarettes

First, liquid e-cigarettes have the advantage of posing fewer health risks than heated cigarettes.

Liquid e-cigarettes are devices that allow users to inhale the vapor produced by heating liquid, and were developed to simulate the experience of smoking cigarettes. The same is true of heated cigarettes in that they do not generate tar because they do not involve the process of burning tobacco leaves at high temperatures. In addition to this, the liquid form of e-cigarettes available in Japan contains no nicotine. This means that there is no health risk from tar as well as dependence on nicotine. And since there is no secondhand smoke, there is no need to worry about passive smoking. The fact that even families with small children can enjoy liquid e-cigarettes on a regular basis without concern is a major advantage of liquid e-cigarettes.

Smoking cessation and smoking reduction effects can be expected.

Compared to heated cigarettes, liquid e-cigarettes are expected to be more effective in helping smokers quit and reduce smoking.

When using liquid disposable vape products, a larger amount of vapor is produced than with heated cigarettes. This allows the user to experience the sensation of inhaling more smoke, which simulates smoking with a sense of satisfaction without the need to ingest nicotine.

In addition, some types of liquid e-cigarette flavors are similar in taste to paper cigarettes.

By finding the flavor that suits you best among the various types, it is not difficult to make the transition from paper cigarettes to liquid e-cigarettes without difficulty.

However, it may be a hurdle for habitual cigarette smokers to suddenly break free from their dependence on nicotine. In such cases, it is advisable to gradually reduce smoking by using liquid e-cigarettes in combination with cigarettes or heated cigarettes, and eventually quit smoking.

Various flavors can be enjoyed.

Liquid e-cigarettes are devices that allow you to enjoy different flavors by heating a scented liquid, and there are many different flavors to choose from. One of the major advantages of using liquid e-cigarettes is that you can enjoy a wide variety of flavors.

Almost no unpleasant smell

The last advantage of liquid e-cigarettes is that they have almost no unpleasant odor characteristic of cigarettes. The cause of the distinctive bad smell that occurs when smoking cigarettes is mainly the tar contained in the smoke. Liquid E-cigarettes contain no tar, and when used, they have almost no unpleasant odor characteristic of cigarettes. In other words, this avoids the situation where people who are sensitive to the smell of cigarettes may be put off by the smell of tobacco smoke. The absence of tar also prevents yellowing of the teeth and staining of clothes and rooms with the odor.

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