When Is The Time To Refresh Your Cake Packaging?

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It may look like the packaging has only one task keeping the product secure, but it's more than just keeping the product safe. It attracts customers and sales. If your product is good enough, but sales aren't, you must consider if the packaging is causing problems. 

Bakery owners often order the boxes in bulk. Whether a cupcake or cake, the packaging catches customers' attention wandering into the bakery. Cake boxes at wholesale rates help save money and promote the brand.

Packaging helps in brand recognition, but it also helps in bringing customers to the counter. 

Many customers like to have beautiful bakery boxes while choosing cakes or cupcakes to gift someone. It is a great strategy to have customized cake boxes, but you must change the packaging after a while. 

Here are a few signs to help you identify that your packaging needs a change. 

Time Duration Of Your Packaging

Look at the packaging of your regular cake boxes and bakery items. Are they attracting customers and increasing sales? How would you know if the packaging is old? 

The simple answer is to look at the latest packaging trends, and to be safe, try changing your packaging every three years. 

Keeping the same packaging for years doesn't excite customers anymore. 

The customers may switch to another bakery if they keep getting the same packaging. 

It would help if you use your cake boxes efficiently, and their design must be striking so that customers come to your bakery for every occasion. 

Changes In Your Brand

A lot of time, the product packaging needs a refreshing start when there are specific changes in the brand. If you are not sure about the logo or name of your brand, you need changes within. 

Whenever you need to add changes to the brand, you must also change the design and packaging. 

If that's the last-moment plan, you must cancel your bulk cake boxes' order before it's too late.

Custom cake boxes also change because your brand's name and logo are always on the custom printed packaging. 

Ensure that these changes are reflected in the new packaging. 

New Products Are Being Introduced

Now that you finally see your brand rising, you think of adding more products. But to keep a separate identity, you think of having different packaging for them. If you are introducing new mango ice cream cakes to the market, introduce new packaging for the said cakes. Additional packaging for every product or other type within the same category creates a positive impact.

Cake boxes wholesale prices can help when you want to introduce new packaging for each category. Because their prices are way less than the market ones, you can save a good amount.  

The Market Is Changing

Your design and packaging often coordinate perfectly, but the packaging still needs to be changed. This happens when the market around you is changing. You must also do that when every other bakery in town and your suburbs is undergoing a design change.  

No customer would come to your bakery if everyone around them has changed the packaging and you are the only one left. This world governs by the rule of change, so you must adopt it. Look out for the designs and packaging they are introducing to the market and do your best to bring out the best. 

The Packaging Is Not Upto The Standards

When the packaging is not up to the mark, the sales will drop. A customer not only looks at the way a packaging appears but its protectiveness as well. Suppose your product is doing well enough in design and colours but is not made from sturdy material. In that case, customers won't be picking your product packaging, thus decreasing your brand sales. 

Cakes are supposed to be protected from sunlight and heat. But what if a cake box is unable to do its task? In that case, you need to bring changes to the boxes. You must quickly change your packaging company and order from someplace else. 

But you must also remember that it's not always about the quality or taste of a product that decreases its sales. Sometimes, a product is not doing well enough because the packaging is not striking. Changing the packaging adds to the visibility of the product. Your cake boxes will add a lot of meaning when they are introduced with a new design and style. 

If A Special Occasion Is Around

Is it New Year in three weeks? You know people love to take sweets like cupcakes and cakes with them when visiting someone on any occasion. This is why you must design your packaging for special events. 

Keep the spirits of the occasion high. Not everyone likes to order a custom cake box for special occasions. Often, people look forward to the bakery's personalized cake boxes because they don't have time to wait for the customized ones. 

Hike In Packaging Costs

The world is getting a hard place to live as every day passes. From a business owner to a man on the street, everyone is worried about the price hike from time to time. Therefore, you need to ensure your packaging is not too costly.

Sometimes even after having cake boxes wholesale deals, you might notice you're spending too much money on packaging. Try bringing a change in the packaging by looking at other options. 

Custom cake boxes with logos can also prove to be costly. Therefore, you must look at all the available options in the market. Sometimes brands use different types of packaging for their bakery products and customized product packaging. Sometimes cake box custom designs prove costly because of the high-end finishing a customer wants. To remove that hurdle, you must charge differently than your usual packaging.

Bottom Line

It would help if you changed your product packaging whenever facing any of the challenges mentioned and explained above. This packaging helps create a shelf impact, and as we live in the times of social media, these boxes help attract followers.

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