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Itchy Vagina – Have you found a solution for your troubles yet?

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Itchy vagina is one of these problems that has always been bugging women and spoiling their mood and very few have managed to find an appropriate solution to this problem of theirs. Several ailments have a direct impact on this problem and recognizing them could be considered as the first step in curing the problem. The dry itchy vagina is usually spotted at the onset of menopause when there is a reduction of fluid in the vagina and the vaginal wall gradually starts thinning. Also, if you see a need to itch during or after sex, it is a sign that not enough fluid is being produced and this is completely a normal experience of getting older and the solution here is to make use of lubricants to make the intercourse easier.

Generally, three common infections are addressed regularly in connection with the itchy vagina problem. Yeast infections which are sometimes accompanied by excessive seeping from the vagina is also something that needs to be looked into. While these can be normal, you will need to see to it that you monitor the increase In frequency, amount of discharges, change in color or any smell etc.

Bacterial vaginosis are also a contributing factor to itchy vagina and when the scratching gets worse, it could damage the affected area or cause bleeding near the vagina.

One of the other reasons that have been strongly connected for the cause of the itch is the Vaginal thrush because they can affect the vaginal opening and close by skin areas along with pain. It is also important to note that these symptoms can vary between every woman and when you find one, the way you cope and respond to the treatments also differs in a great way.

Other quite common reasons to for getting an Itchy Vagina Another thing to bear in mind is that the itchy vagina is not always caused by infections and sometimes, they are caused by wearing tampons for prolonged period that is for several days in a row. This is because while you expect the tampons to absorb menstrual flow, it also absorbs the vaginal fluid as well in the process. It is these natural lubricants that keep the vaginal area from itching by keeping it moist and when they disappear, it leads to discomfort irritation, dryness and itching.

Washing the vagina several times could make the vagina dry. Now this could also be a reason to itchy vagina because repeated washing will wash off the natural secretions of the vagina and these secretions are body’s natural mechanism of cleaning the vagina and keeping them from getting dry. While such dryness can be a great contributing factor to itchy vagina, they might also lead to rashes in many cases.

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