Very simple PIXEL ART to draw

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PIXEL ART is very suitable for small children: it allows us to consolidate the knowledge of colors , geometric shapes , the first numbers . It trains us in precision and patience .

Although in theory it is a form of modern art, linked to digital technologies, PIXEL ART is not really a novelty ... Yes yes, in practice it is nothing more than the dear old "cross stitch" embroidery so loved by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers 🙂

I start with a few colors and therefore few indications. In the beginning I use geometric shapes.

This is pixel art templates for you:

STEP 1 Each child receives a grid with pre-arranged geometric shapes. Each geometric shape corresponds to a certain color. To give directions, I draw the shapes on the blackboard and by voice I match a color to each one. Some children come and draw a spot of the respective color next to the geometric shape. Then all to color! NB I ask the children to fill in the square well with color and try not to go out of the margins.

STEP 2 The grids with numbers are the next step.

Have fun!

March 30, 2022, midnight - March 30, 2029, midnight


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