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Meetup I/2022


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Deploy PHP Apps with Docker - The Essentials


Programm / Program

18:30 Uhr (06:30pm) - Doors Open

18:40 Uhr (06:40pm) - User group Intro

18:45 Uhr (06:45pm) - Deploy PHP Apps with Docker - The Essentials (Main Talk)

by Matthew Setter

Language: English

So, why deploy with Docker, especially when there are so many other deployment options? I'll speak for myself and say that in my experience, after learning enough about Docker, and getting just a few more grey hairs, I've found Docker to be a simpler, more homogeneous way of deploying than I'd been used to in the past, using tools such as Rocketeer, Capistrano, and Rsync over SSH. I've found that by using some standardised files and a small set of commands, I can deploy an application almost as easily to production as I can on my local development machine. In this talk, I want to share what I've learned about Docker in the hope that what I've learned can help others. Enjoy! If you'd like to dive far deeper, I've written a free book called Docker Essentials, which I based this talk on. It covers the topic in a lot more detail than the talk does, yet without going overboard. It's packed with tips, tricks, and pointers that I've learned along the way. If you're interested, you can download a copy, for free, from

19:45 Uhr (07:45pm) - Community + Socializing

Feb. 10, 2022, 6:30 p.m. - Feb. 10, 2022, 9:30 p.m.