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When correcting your essays, the first thing to do is check on the word count. This will help you know exactly what the tutor expects from you. It will also help you bring out your arguments clearly and concisely. The main thing to remember when correcting your essays is always to stick to the words allotted to you by the tutor. If you've come across a long paragraph, don't try to highlight the points because that will make the text lose focus. Also, it isreciate the fact that most of these essays will follow a strict structure and include a precise citation/bibliography section.

However, some issues prevent any student from properly fixing their; they are either too short or very long.u. Before submitting your essay, ensure that you thoroughly understand the question and the instructions provided by the lecturer. You must also find out if you are allowed to re-write the article if it's significantly different from the original.

Getting Things Right Getting things right is the secret to earning top scores. To achieve this, there are a few steps you have to follow to ensure that you submit a masterpiece. These steps include:

• Research

• Discuss the essay topic

• Craft guidelines

• Write the introduction

• Draft the body

• Give the supporting factors

Introduction All essays need to start with a hook. It would be best if you understood the meaning of the task and how to write the essay to intrigue the reader. At the same time, they should be catchy. Keep in mind that the introduction should capture the thesis statement, the hypothesis, and then provide a conclusive summary of the entire essay.

Fixing the Research Problem Research can prove to be a tricky activity. Most students tend to memorize what they research and forget about the contents of the article. This makes the person reading the paper lose interest, which is a big mistake. It is essential to confirm the purpose of the research before indulging in the writing process.

Review the Outline After finishing the writing process, it is crucial to go through the essay again. Understand what you have missed and adjust the content to fit the new ones. When doing the editing, you want to be sure that every detail is correct. Paper lacking factual details is a sign that the document is poor quality.

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