A Few Things to Know About Rental Car Insurance

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In most cases your car insurance plan would cover any car that you may have rented for a certain period. This means that you would not need to pay separately for insuring any rental car as such. However, there are some situations where having such a policy could prove to be worthwhile for you. This is why it is so important that you review what your personal car insurance plan is covering. If you do not have any plan as such you may have to buy liability coverage from the company from which you are renting the vehicle. Now you may be wondering what rental car insurance is.

The term rental car insurance implies the coverage that you would get from an agency when you rent a car from it. The coverage granted by these policies includes a lot such as liability, personal accident insurance, collision damage or loss waiver, and personal effects coverage. The term liability means the coverage that you get for the injuries and damages that you cause to others and their property in an accident while you are driving the rented car. This is a key part of auto insurance rental if not the most important one. The term loss or collision damage waiver means you are not responsible for the damages sustained by the car while you have hired it.

Facilities Offer by Rental Auto Insurance

It is very important to know in this case if your auto insurance covers rental vehicles or not. As we have said already, your personal auto insurance plan will provide coverage for most rented vehicles. In these cases, there would be no difference in terms of deductibles and coverage limits. Let us say that you have collision and comprehensive coverage in your car insurance plan. Then your auto insurance for rental car coverage would offer you these facilities as well.

You may also wonder if you need car insurance to rent a car or not. Well, the answer is that you do not. However, if you do not have such a policy you may have to purchase liability coverage from the company from which you got the policy.

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