Lightning Talks

Hosted by New York Amateur Computer Club

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Led by Brendan Kidwell

On 9 December 2021, NY Amateur Computer Club will be doing Lightning Talks again. A "Lightning Talks" meeting is when we have many presenters, and all the presentations are quick and easy to prepare.

It's a great way to get experience doing public speaking in a low pressure environment.


  • Sign up now by emailing .
  • Or sign up at the last minute after we start the meeting. No worries.

  • Talk for 4 to 8 minutes, and allow a few minutes after for responses and questions.

  • Prepare slides or exhibits ahead of time to share -- or don't!

  • Actually, no preparation needed. Just speak off the cuff if you'd like.

Brendan ( ) can help you with any technical concerns you have, before the day of the meeting. Email Brendan to arrange time to try out Zoom and screen sharing, if you're going to need to do that for your lightning talk.

Who is doing a talk

  • Hank Kee
  • Brendan Kidwell
  • Ron Stewart [tentative]
  • and maybe others

At least half an hour before the meeting, please email David Metzger ( ) and Brendan Kidwell ( ) to request joining the NYACC meeting. One of them will send you instructions to join our Zoom meeting from desktop computer, laptop, mobile device, or from a phone call. PLEASE REMEMBER TO MUTE YOUR MICROPHONE WHEN YOU ARE NOT SPEAKING.

Don't forget we also have a new BBS and chat room you can use to connect with NYACC members any time, outside of our meetings:

Contact Brendan Kidwell ( ) if you have any trouble using the BBS or chat room.


The New York Amateur Computer Club was established in March 1975 with the mission to further education in diverse areas of personal computing. The presentations at monthly meetings cover various platform computing systems and range from in-depth technical subjects to general overviews with broad appeal.

General meetings are always held on the second Thursday of each month and start promptly at 7 PM with announcements followed by a period of Questions and Answers called Random Access in which members and visitors are encouraged to ask technical questions or ask for advice on purchasing or using software, hardware, and related issues. There is a short break before the main presentation to enable attendees to meet and greet each other and to buttonhole people to get more detailed answers to specific questions.

The general meetings are open without charge to the public. Please consider becoming a member for $20 per year or renewing your membership, to help cover our operating costs. See instructions at .

Dec. 9, 2021, 7 p.m. - Dec. 9, 2021, 9 p.m.


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