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Today's technology has made it possible for anyone with a PC, laptop or mobile phone to listen to live broadcasts of virtually any kind of media including music, movies, TV, sports, weather and other programs. Internet radio can be transmitted over IP networks, i.e., networks that are linked to the Internet and its computers. The major benefit of on the Internet over other mediums is that it can be listened to anywhere in the world, for free, with no additional cost. A listener can literally listen in to the radio wherever he/she is - provided the listener has a working Internet connection and a sound system.

Internet radio can be transmitted over the airwaves and downloaded on demand from the Internet Service Provider or SIP provider. Internet radio can be transmitted in digital format (i.e., WAV or MP3), which can be viewed by plug-ins and plug-in modules for professional web-based radio stations, or as streaming audio format, which can be played on most portable electronic devices ( iPods and similar) and personal computers. Internet radio can also be transmitted as podcasts (which can be read by Podcast readers), and the format is available for download on demand from the internet. Internet radio services like Pandora and Sirius offer several podcast services and a huge database of over 16 million radio channels. Internet radio services like On Demand radio can be used to view live TV broadcasts, access featured music videos, and to control playback and track completion.

Pandora is one of the most popular Internet radio services. Pandora has integrated a social networking component to allow users to invite their friends and family to tune in to their favorite radio shows and programs. Users can search by song, artist, genre or channel and browse through millions of songs by genre. Pandora is available for download from the Pandora website, as well as through mobile subscription options from Tidal, Google Play, Rhapsody and iTunes. In addition to offering thousands of songs by many popular artists, Pandora also offers news, weather, sports, local traffic and more at no additional cost.

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