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Best Budget Laser Level: Johnson 99-006k Laser Level Review

Johnson and tool is the oldest brand that understands the responsibility of simplifying the work and that's why all the models from this brand are just not suitable for the expert but beginners as well. Today we are talking about the advance, and time-saving model from this brand and that is 99-006K Self Leveling Rotary Laser System. Let us tell you about some of the prominent and demanding features of this model.

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Weight: 3.3 pounds

Warranty: 3 years

Leveling Type: Self-leveling

Laser class: IIIa

Accuracy: +/-1/8”

Batteries: 4AA

Features of Johnson & Tool 9-006K Laser Level:

Turnkey Solution:

This model has come up with the complete kit that can allow you to work in almost any condition without purchasing separate accessories. It has a 13' grade rod, soft carrying pouch, tripod, LED one-sided detector, drop ceiling bracket, and laser glasses as well.

Construction and Durability:

99-006K laser level has exceptional construction that can support complex projects, no matter if it’s a residential or commercial task. You don’t have to change the several parts of the model due to any complicated condition, the durability of this device will make this device last longer, and you can use it in any application.

Battery Life:

At the time you are planning to buy any laser level, the first thing you need to discuss with the dealer or research is about the battery. If the battery of the laser level is not powerful enough, then it won’t be able to serve you properly. 9-006K laser level has come up with 4 standard AA batteries that can last up to 20 hours of continuous operation. You don’t need to replace any of the batteries within the working hours.

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Johnson & tool 9-006K laser level has come up with alkaline batteries that are reliable and long-lasting. When you are using batteries for complex projects, then this model has the potential to work all day long. You don’t have to replace the battery from the laser level after a few months. These batteries can potentially last longer.

Automatic Self-Leveling:

If you are tired of leveling the device after short intervals and it’s affecting your work as well, then this model is an ideal one for you. Johnson & tool has an automatic self-leveling feature that can adjust itself for both x and y-axis easily. This self-leveling feature will make your work way too better, and you will be satisfied.

Other Features:

The other features of this model include different speeds of RPM, greater visibility, laser mounting bracket, detector mounting clamp, aluminum tripod, the ability to adjust itself, and a lot more for you to explore.

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Johnson & tool 99-006k laser level has the potential to handle almost anything you throw at it professionally. The robust design and solid construction of the laser level will make you invest in this model, and it has come up with all the safety hazards.

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