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Torque MOD APK 1.10.134 (Pro Version)

Not all of us have the time or technical knowledge to test a vehicle with hundreds of component parts that we don't even understand exist. Furthermore, most professionals will rely on automated solutions to repair car issues. As a result, every mechanic must have OBD-ready gadgets.

Users may now use the Torque Pro Apk app on their Android device to learn more about their vehicle's status without having to go outside and get stuck in traffic, thanks to the integrated features. Simply connect your Android smartphone or tablet to your automobile using an OBD 2 cable, gaining immediate access to your car's operating system while also enabling you to view all of the data you need.

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The OBD 2 engine management system is installed in most vehicles, which is an enhanced version of the original OBD. The technology is linked to the entire vehicle and should give all necessary diagnostic data about it. Users will no longer have to rely on proprietary hardware to connect to an OBD 2 system thanks to Torque Pro's availability on Android devices. You just need a Bluetooth OBD II adapter and the Torque Pro app on your smartphone.

This page offers data about your car's transmission, as well as many other features. You may see the Transmission Temperature, Dynamometer, horsepower, torque, CO2 emissions, and more here. To correctly diagnose your vehicle, you'll have access to major fault codes from several manufacturers. If you want to seek assistance via Twitter automatically sends GPS signals. Send logging information through webpages or emails if you wish to publish or share them.

With a variety of settings and customizations, you may modify your own personal user profile in Torque Pro. Use the Track Recorder plugin in Torque Pro to record video while on your journey. If you want to know directions, turn on the compass. For a more comfortable driving experience...

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