uMatrix for Restricting Web JavaScript and Cookies

Speaker:LuftHans, LH
Category:Computers & Technology

uMatrix is a webextension security and privacy add on for Firefox and other browsers.

The simple interface allows personal rules for per website JavaScript, cookies, CSS, pictures and video.

This introductory talk will describe the structure of the user interface and demonstrate how to use it.

Learn how uMatrix uses and maintains per site allowlists and blocklists.

For instance, for you can:

allow cookies, JavaScript, CSS and images from
allow only CSS and images from
block everything from

Attendees will learn:

what web components uMatrix controls
the structure of the uMatrix user interface
how to use the uMatrix user interface
how to review rules via the uMatrix user interface
how to enter manual rules

Events (1)

LinuxFest Northwest
April 24, 2020, 1 a.m.