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Creating relationship can be tough, but now days we have technology to contend with. Back when I was in the dating game I couldn’t stand it when I would text a girl that I was interested in only to have her text back 2 hours later. I soon realized that girls do this because that is how they keep you interested and begging for more. The problem is by not texting you back right away they are controlling the interaction and the relationship. Here is a list of ways to make sure that you remain in control and she starts texting you back quicker.

  1. Mirror Her Text Game

Mirroring accomplishes two things. 1. Psychologist have long said that mirroring body language is a great way to increase rapport; however mimicking behavior can have the same effect. 2. It shows them how they are acting and a lot of times they will correct their own behavior.

So when you are texting a girl pay attention to how quickly she responds, the type of language she uses, and the length of her messages.

Things To-Do

  • If it takes her and average of 10 minutes to reply then you should take 12 to 15 minutes
  • If her text are short, make your text short and vice versa.
  • If she uses descriptive words to paint a picture, or if she only uses bullet points go ahead and follow suit.
  1. Stop Texting So Much

It’s a great feeling to hit it off with a new love interest and to stay up late texting back and forth for hours on end. But it’s not exactly a good start if you want a great relationship. Instead try to hang out in person in place of texting.

If you begin a relationship by texting a lot, the texting will become the main form of communication and we all know that without good communication, the relationship is doomed.


  • Set Limits- Don’t text her “Good Morning/Good Night” every single day. Although she may find it cute in the beginning, the novelty will soon wear off and she will think you are clingy
  • Take a day for yourself and only text her if she text you first. Then quickly end the conversation by telling her that you have a busy day and have a lot to get done and that you will talk to her the next day.
  • Do Not send another text until she replies. If you text her first and she hasn’t responded to your text yet, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT send another text such as, “Are You There???” “Are You Okay?” “Are You Mad?” “Did I Do Something Wrong?” “Why Aren’t You Answering Me?”
Remember you are only her boyfriend not her DAD, and she is under no obligation to appease your self-esteem. Plus these type of texts only create conflict and arguments.
  1. Sexting

Sexting can be hit or miss. Some women are into it and other aren’t. So here are a few rules that I have learned the hard way. Here area few rules in sexting
  • Please for the love of god, do not send her a pic of your penis unless she asks.
  • DO NOT send her a dick pic until you guys have slept together no matter how much she begs….Keep Her Begging
  • DO NOT ask for nude pics of her unless you have already slept together. She may have fears that you will leak her nudes on the internet.
  • If you guys are comfortable sending nudes to each other then make sure that your dick is rock hard in all of the pics. I’ve never met a woman who gets turned on by a flaccid penis
  • Sext with caution. If done too often sexting could replace actual intercourse….and nobody wants that.
  1. Create a response

If you’re texting a girl that it notorious for not replying in a timely manner, then you should start sending texts that create cute games and mystery.


Me: OMG you’re never going to believe what happened!

Her: OMG what???? (She will typically reply quicker than usual

Me: Last night when I got out of the shower I looked out the window and realized I had a “peeping tom”.

Her: What?! Really?!

Me: Ya it was crazy. There was this really hot chick in the tree outside my window and she had those come fuck me eyes…but what’s really crazy was that she looked exactly like you….Were you checking me out last night? I knew you were a dirty girl HeHe

Girls love games (whether they admit it or not) so give them what they want.

  1. Don’t Text at All

Instead call her on the phone and only use text for very important information. Just be straight up with her and tell her that you prefer a phone conversation or hanging out in person. Just remember to set limits on your phone conversations as well. The goal here is to create a relationship with a woman not a phone.


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