What`s The Importance of YOUR Story?

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Awhile back I was talking to a friend of mine - Stella Painfree Wise from Loveawake dating site who has a PhD in International Relations.

I’ve known her for a very long time, and she’s just like every other woman when it comes to men—she just wants a man who acts like a man.

One of the biggest problems she has with guys she goes out with is that they make up stories about their lives in order to impress her.

One guy told her he had a master’s degree from UT. They went on a date to see a show at Bass Concert Hall and it struck her that he didn’t seem to know anything about the place, odd for someone who went to school there.

As time passed, there were a few other incongruencies and she finally asked him what the deal was. Turns out the guy didn’t even have an associates degree, he was making up the whole deal about having a master’s.

When she asked him why he would concoct such a preposterous story, he replied that he didn’t think she would like him if he didn’t have an advanced education. She was pissed at him for lying, but even moreso for thinking she judged a man based on whether he went to college or not. She liked him because he was smart and funny and made her feel attraction, not because of any degree he might have had. But she couldn’t abide liars, so she dumped the guy.

A lot of guys do this when they meet a credentialed woman. What they fail to realize is she is a woman first and foremost, and wants a man who makes her feel attraction. In fact, odds are she has met many credentialed men who have NOT made her feel an ounce of attraction, and she’s ready for one who is.

So, when it comes to women, tell your real story. If you know your real story is unattractive (such as living at home with your parents at age 30), then make it a better story before you start dating. But don’t ever make one up.

First off, women care more about your characteristics than your current circumstances. Now, if your current circumstances are crappy and you’re happy with them, that’s unattractive. But if you’re not, and you’re working hard to change them for the better, that IS very attractive.

Secondly, women appreciate honesty. They have been lied to so many times by so many guys they thought they liked, that they appreciate it when you’re straightforward. That in and of itself is attractive in a world of BS artists.

Remember, no matter how old you are, your story is not fully written. You’re just telling it up to this point. So when she asks, tell it, making it as humorous as possible. Women really, really, really appreciate a straightforward man…be that way, and you will attract a great woman.

And if a woman ditches you because she doesn’t like your story? She just did you the greatest favor in the world, and you can move on to one who’s better suited for you.

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