The Dark Secret About Women You Need to Know

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Alex Wise, a Loveawake dating expert shares a secret about women with you, a secret some might consider dark. Be that as it may, it is very important you understand this dark secret about women.

Here it is: any woman you’re with, no matter how much she says she loves you know, will trade up for another man if the opportunity presents itself.

Hold on you say, what about love and commitment and soul mates and loyalty and being together for life? All fine and dandy in the ideal world, but we live in reality, and sometimes that can just plain suck.

That’s why so many guys who think they gave a woman everything she wanted are shocked when they are dumped for a man who is in many ways lesser. They didn’t want to believe reality, and they got bitten by it.

Is This Female Trait Bad? Is It Evil? Or, Strangely, Can It Actually Work In Your Favor?

The truth is, it’s neither good nor bad, simply how women evolved. Back in the primal days, a woman was on the hook for a man to take care of her, and she was always in danger of bad things happening if he failed to do so. So, the women who survived learned to pair up with men who would have a high probability of providing and protecting, and that evolved behavior still holds true to this day.

Now, how did a woman “know” she should leave one man and pair up with another? By a complex set of signals women call chemistry. When the man she was with demonstrated behavior (weakness) that showed her she might be at risk of him failing to provide and protect, the chemistry died. And when she met a man who did have behaviors (strength and intelligence) that showed he would provide and protect, chemistry flared up and she paired with him.

So, after hundreds of thousands of years, we have women who make decisions about men based on their behavior and her signaling mechanisms. This is bad news for men who don’t know this, but good news for men who do.

See, when you demonstrate strength and intelligence and have a strong sense of personal authority, she is almost immune to the advances of other men. In fact, when you demonstrate this traits, you’ll be the man women want to trade up TO, and you want to be that man.

The good news is, that’s within your control once you understand this female behavior. Most men don’t even know it exists, and are blindsided by it. When you know it does exist, and you act to turn it in your favor, you won’t be the man women trade in, you’ll be the man women want to trade up TO. And that, my friend, is a fine place to be!


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