How to reinforce the security of your company in the cloud infallibly

Hosted by Chris Reddock

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More and more companies make use of cloud computing services, which as we already know are hosted outside their facilities without the exact ip address location map, so much of the security of these systems lies with the service providers, who offer a level of protection that is probably very high. greater than what we could apply from our infrastructures, but that does not mean that there are no risks and that we are 100% safe.

The security of our data will depend on both the provider and us. Let's see what must be taken into account in each case, to avoid attacks, unwanted uses of our information and always have access to them so that our business does not stand still under any circumstances.

How is the security of your cloud computing provider?

Below we are going to discuss some of the most important points that we must take into account when hiring a cloud service or verify if our current provider complies with them, since it will save us future problems in the event that any type of incident.

Data protection: when working in the cloud, our business data is stored on servers that are managed by personnel from outside our organization, so we must ensure that our provider complies with the data protection law of your country like ours, in case you are in different areas. We must also know what happens to our information in the event that our provider uses third-party services. Contingency plan: how do you guarantee the availability of the service in the event of a catastrophe such as a flood, fire, earthquake, blackout, terrorist attack, cyber attack or any other type of action that affects the infrastructure of our provider. Backups: how often are backups made , what data is saved and where is it stored, how long would it take for it to be available if it had to be recovered? Data encryption: to ensure our data as much as possible, it should always be encrypted, to prevent anyone who is not authorized from using it if they have gained access to it. Likewise, all information must be protected by encryption during the transfer process. *Customer service: can you imagine that you accidentally delete some important data or that you suddenly have problems with access to your cloud system or that you have any questions or issues? In these cases it is essential to be able to contact your provider practically immediately and that they are able to give you an answer within the agreed time.

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