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Regular Expressions

Ask any developer about the one thing that feels like complete magic to them and chances are they will mention Regular Expressions or Regex. Regular Expressions are found everywhere, from editors like vim to languages like Perl and Python. In this presentation Wolf will guide us in the ways of using Regular Expressions. A live demonstration from a Jupyter notebook that is a deep-dive into regexes and how to use them. Though the notebook is Python-specific, the knowledge is not. You’ll be able to apply this knowledge to your favorite editor, and to the language of your choice. The notebook will be available to all after the talk.

Wolf has been a software engineer for over 40 years and spoken on Open Source related topics around the world. He's worked on such varied projects as Mozilla, Final Cut Pro, the Newton, and the SoundDroid. He currently works on K-12 learning software at Cambium Learning Group in Ann Arbor, MI.


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