Common questions of beginners when it comes to skateboard size

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Common questions of beginners when it comes to skateboard size

What is Tony Hawk’s board size?

Surely anyone interested in skateboarding has heard the name Tony Hawk. He is truly a hero in the skateboarding community with a series of stunts that normal skaters can’t do. Many people want to know the board size he used to perform stunts so that they can buy the same to be cool like him. Well, Hawk usually uses 7.175's and 45mm wheels. And, Hawk is a goofy rider.

What type of skateboard is the best skateboard for beginners?

Among all types of skateboard, longboard is probably the easiest board to start with. The longboard has a particularly long deck which means you will have more space to place your feet comfortably. Moreover, the long wheelbase makes it stable so you could easily find your balance. I am a girl, what size skateboard should I get? If you are a girl, you can start out with this size deck: width: 7.5’’; length: 28″ – 32″. How do I know what size is perfect for me? If you just start out, then the recommended deck width is 7.75" or 8.0". Pre-assembled board is the best beginner skateboard. All you need to do is to check out the quality of the components to see if there are any cracks or other defects. What skateboard size fits shoes size 11? With this shoe size, you can go with something between 7.5″ to 8″. This is a general rule, if you have a particular preference, you should consider it first. What will happen if I choose the wrong deck size? This is maybe the worst result you may get if you don’t learn carefully about the board before making the purchase. Obviously, when you ride on an improper size deck, you won’t have the best skateboarding experience as you expect. For instance, if you want to do tricks, you must buy the best skateboard for beginners to do tricks, and if you want to cruise around town or travel from A to B, get a cruiser board. The size of the deck does matter a lot in skateboarding, so take a closer look when choosing a skateboard for beginners.

So, above are some questions you may have when choosing your first skateboard size. In each question, I tried to make it as short and simple as possible. I hope you can understand everything. Now, let's consider your size and then go shopping!

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