The charm of Bobblehead dolls

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If you're interested in NBC The Office TV, you may be familiar with the concept of gift dolls as gifts. It is not uncommon for Dwight Schroeter to be obsessed with his miniature version. More and more people are choosing bobblehead dolls from as a simple but very beautiful gift.

The charm of Bobblehead dolls

Bobblehead dolls can be purchased as custom products on various websites or issued by institutions to celebrate special events, sporting milestones, players or spells. The more popular the theme, the more famous and valuable the Bobbleheadian head will be. For example, if the figures of Bobblehead praise a player who has entered the Hall of Fame, they will win big prizes in the market. Some hooks act as souvenirs, such as dolls personally signed by the players.

A brief history of bobblehead dolls

The Custom bobblehead dolls in circulation today have been around since the 1800s. The coat from the Russian story of Nikolai Gogol is considered the first official record of a Bobblehead doll. Gogol referred to the protagonist Akaki as having a neck "like the neck of a gypsum cat shaking its head."

The concept was common in several countries in Europe and North America, and was especially popular in the United States in the 1960s for the Baseball Premier League. Interest in hooked dolls has declined slightly since the 1970s, but returned in the early 2000s.

Today, custom bobblehead dolls are a common sight on baseball courts, and many teams have embroidered dolls as a commercial product. There are people who spend a lot of money to collect them. In 2014, the 1961 Yankee Babelhead doll sold at auction for $ 60,000.

Why are bobblehead dolls such a great gift?

It does not matter if you buy a gift for your friend, partner, boss or yourself, gift dolls are creative gift ideas.


Bobblehead dolls are created based on the images you submit. You can send a photo of the person you want to give as a gift and put it in more than 1000 cases. In 5 to 6 weeks, you will have a custom bobblehead doll that looks exactly like a gift.

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