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Welcome to C++ & PHP Community Knowledge Base

I have a good working knowledge of web development using PHP. However, I don't have a good working knowledge of C++. So my plan is that we study it together and publish as we learn.

The documentation we build together needs to fit together nicely and not repeat too much of what already is covered rigorously elsewhere on the web. So, I must warn you in advance that the process of publishing a posts is not democratic. In other words the admin has the last word on what your post should contain. Additionally, your posts will be peer reviewed. There are mechanisms to do all this in the app.

The purpose of the app is to have a knowledge base (mostly about PHP, MySQL, C++) where one can easily get their heads wrapped around a subject matter. When studying a complicated subject such as C++ It helps to put in one's own words what one learns. And that's what we will do.


Sameh Ramzy Labib