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This group is for sharing C++ and PHP knowledge via the web app GoodToKnow.io. I will describe how the FOSS web app GoodToKnow.io is built. Source code on GitHub.

Note: the only way to get a user account on my deployed instance is to fill out a web form which only I has access to; therefore I myself must approve you and fill out the form. Then I would give you your user login info.

The project is in Alpha stage. It's a Content Management System (CMS) where every member can add posts about what they know with respect to a specific topic within a particular community.

C++ and PHP are syntactically similar to each other and both do OOP. The difference I see between them exists in the ability to make web apps. It is much easier to create web apps in PHP. But, if you want a college degree in Computer Science you need C++.

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