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5 reasons to subscribe to YouTube Music Premium

There was a time when we only had Spotify. This became the substitute for the classic CD and the digital format, quite exclusive and prohibitive from stores like iTunes. And thanks to its popularity, other alternatives to Spotify were born, such as Apple Music or YouTube Premium APK.

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium (formerly known as YouTube Red) are two Google products that arrived in Spain less than a year ago. The first of these is a music and video service. And the second of them, which we already talked about in the previous post, encompasses the first and adds unique benefits. It is an app available for mobile and computer that is mainly used to listen to music. In it, you can:

The YouTube Music Premium subscription is priced at € 9.99 per month for the basic rate. If you are interested in a family subscription, you will have to pay € 14.99 per month for it. If it is the first time you subscribe to this service (including YouTube Premium and Google Play Music) you will be able to benefit from a free trial period of 30 days.

As you can see, it costs the same as Spotify, but the advantages of YouTube Music Premium over the green giant are clear: the possibility of listening to your favorite music without interruptions makes a difference. Therefore, we are going to tell you the five reasons why subscribing to YouTube Music Premium is a good idea.

Why should you subscribe to YouTube Music Premium? Are you wondering if a YouTube Music subscription is worth it? We are going to tell you some of its benefits so that you can make a decision.

Music and video platform This is one of the functions of YouTube Music Premium, since, in addition to enjoying songs and music, it is possible to watch all the video clips without ads. And if you prefer, you can use an app like Spotify, that is, let the music play even with the screen locked.

Wide musical catalog for all tastes If you are tired of “mainstream” music, YouTube Music Premium is the solution: you will find a lot of emerging artists or singers who are dedicated to covering and covering other songs.

Live music, concerts, and a cappella songs On YouTube Music Premium it is also possible to find live performances, concerts, and even Cappella songs. This is because there are people who upload their own videos so that you can enjoy that extra content from our favorite artists.

Get rid of ads not only in music With the subscription to YouTube Music Premium, it is possible to get rid of the ads in the songs, in the video clips, and the rest of the content that we watch directly on YouTube. YouTube without interruptions is possible with YouTube Music Premium! Enjoy documentaries, tutorials, recipes, videos of the YouTubers you follow, and more, without advertising.

The Google algorithm used beyond the search engine itself Google uses its search and ranking algorithm on YouTube Music Premium. This results in a more accurate and tighter content suggestion system than other platforms like Spotify. Although they coincide in the Hotlists of general suggestions according to the most successful music in your country, they are not similar in the personalized suggestions. In fact, the YouTube Music Premium system works better.

What do you think of YouTube Music Premium? Would you pay for the subscription? Or are you more of the free version of Spotify? Would you pay to listen to your favorite music being able to do it for free? Your opinion matters to us, leave us a comment. And don't forget to share!

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